Freshworks global app ecosystem

Image of app ecosystemThe global app ecosystem

In an ever-changing landscape, proactively reimagining customer requirements and meeting them is of primary importance. To do this, we at Freshworks, offer business SKUs. A SKU is a bundling of compatible product(s) features and platform capabilities.

Customers can subscribe to all or some components of a SKU. For example, today, Freshsales Suite is a SKU that comprises the Freshsales classic, Freshchat, and Freshcaller product capabilities. We offer four types of SKU plans that our customers can subscribe to.

  • Subscription to Freshsales Suite with Freshsales classic alone.
  • Subscription to Freshsales Suite with Freshchat alone.
  • Subscription to Freshsales Suite with Freshcaller alone.
  • Subscription to Freshsales Suite with Freshsales classic + Freshchat + Freshcaller.

While the definition of a SKU remains constant, the bundling frequently changes to enable us to offer the best for our customers.

Apps: To get the most out of a product’s capabilities, customers have to customize, integrate, and automate certain features of the product to suit their requirements. The Freshworks developer platform enables customers to seamlessly do this. The developer platform offers the FDK - a Software Development Kit that enables developers to build apps. Apps extend the capabilities of a Freshworks’ product. Apps leverage the developer platform features and solve any integration, customization, or automation challenge.

Global app: While building product-specific apps is straightforward, is it possible for our developers to build an app that extends the functionality of a specific product-feature and works on all SKUs where the product-feature is available? Yes, it is possible to build a Global app.

Modules: How have we facilitated building a global app that can work across SKUs? All Freshworks products are broken down into functional units called modules. You can build an app that extends a module's functionality or extends multiple modules' functionalities. Once your app is reviewed and published to our Marketplace, your app can be installed and used with any SKU that has the module(s) that your app works with (as long as your app user has subscribed to the product (that has the module) as part of the SKU subscription).