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Generative AI powered Freddy Copilot for Developers enables a faster and an intuitive app development experience. Now forget mundane coding tasks and get started easily with Freddy Copilot.

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Experience Easier, Intuitive App Development
with Rapid Code Generation from conversations
Ship Reliable Apps Faster
with assistance across the app development journey
Inspire Innovation across your business
with ability to do more value added tasks rather than mundane coding
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Learn Faster with Chat Based Tutorials

Easily learn how to get started, explore sample apps and best practices to build app for Freshworks customers with simple conversational prompts.

Rapid Code Generation

Generate code snippets rapidly with the powerful conversational interface. Transform ideas from use case to code deployments in a breeze!

1-Click Actions

Review, debug and run security scans with a single click. With 1-Click you can now also generate documentation, comments for your code and publish the app, saving you weeks of development time.

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