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Best-In-Class Development Experience
Comprehensive documentation, dedicated support. Sign up to get access to prospective use cases.
Attractive Payout Structure
Attractive revenue sharing model coupled with limited-period 2023 Incentive Program.
Faster Time to Market
Faster App reviews and smoother app publishing process to get apps live quickly.
Trusted by 58,000+ businesses
Developer Partner and Customer Testimonials
Last year for our business division Saasly, Freshworks integrations contributed to about 30% of the revenue. With increasing demands for custom integrations, we are assured that our opportunities are set to grow in the coming years.
Abinaya Gunasekaran,
Program Manager - Saasly
The Freshworks Marketplace is really great as a lot of applications that we want to integrate are readily available. We are using apps such as Playstore - Freshdesk for mint, Google My Business from the Freshworks Marketplace. We were able to install the applications and go through the setup quickly, which was terrific!
Farrah Abdurahman,
Digital Experience, FinChoice
I am impressed with the community's response rate while building any app. I can reach out to the developer community with my questions, and they swiftly respond. This is much needed when you are building for any product. I also look forward to the use cases which the team shares with me. Excited to build more apps with Freshworks.
Arun Rajkumar,
Founder - Better Apps
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I get started?

    Freshworks Developer ecosystem offers developers access to wide range of resources and utilities to build applications on the Freshworks Marketplace using the Freshworks Developer Platform. 

  • How do I become a Freshworks Developer Partner?

    You can submit an app for the Freshworks marketplace by signing up on the developer portal.

  • What is the difference between free and paid apps?

    For more information refer to the types of apps session that was conducted during the Developer Summit 2022. 

  • How do I know what to build? Are there any readily available use cases?

    You can either refer to the ideas category on the Freshworks Developers Community to explore the existing requirements or you can subscribe to our email updates below to regularly get new cases right in your inbox.

  • What are the criteria that the apps need to adhere to?

    The apps on the Freshworks Marketplace are made publicly available after a thorough review process by our team of experts. For a successful listing, ensure that the application adheres to the respective product standards:

    For further information, read our blog on Code review guidelines .
  • Which apps are subject to the Freshworks approval process?

    All the publicly listed free and paid apps on the Freshworks Marketplace need to go through the Freshworks review and approval process. Custom apps do not require approval. Refer to our article on publishing apps with confidence to know more.

  • Why is the approval process in place?

    The Freshworks app review and approval process is in place to ensure all the public apps (aka Marketplace Apps ) built by the developers meet Freshworks standard, before getting listed. Follow the app submission process to list an app on the marketplace.

  • What should I expect after I submit the app?

    Refer to this Post submission section to know more.

  • How long does the approval process ideally take?

    The app review process ideally takes about a week or maybe a bit longer based on any comments that need to be addressed by the app developer.

  • Post the approval process, how do I list my app?

    Once the approval process is complete, the app review team will publish your app on the marketplace.

  • What are the payment models for paid apps?

    We currently follow a 80:20 revenue sharing model between developers/developer partners and Freshworks for paid apps.

  • How does app billing work?

    For paid apps, we follow a monthly payment cycle per the revenue share model. The overall pricing of an app can be structured in two ways, per account and agent. Based on the pricing set up we follow a monthly payment cycle per the revenue share model.

  • What are the terms of service?

    Refer to the terms of service to know more.

  • What are the terms that developers must adhere to?

    Refer to the App Marketplace section under terms of service to know more.

  • What happens when apps don't adhere to the terms?

    Refer to the Cancellation and termination section under terms of service to know more.

  • How does Freshworks communicate violations?

    Refer to the Cancellation and termination section under terms of service to know more.

    Unless legally prohibited from doing so, Freshworks will use commercially viable efforts to contact the developer through email before communicating any foregoing actions. If there is a possibility to rectify any breach or violation, developers would also be notified through email to fix the violation within 15 days from the day of the notifiction from the Freshworks review team (unless a shorter cure period is required by Freshworks to mitigate imminent and material damage to Developer, Freshworks, the Developer Portal, or the App Marketplace).

  • If my app is removed, will current users be able to access the app?

    Refer to the Effect of Termination and Wind-Down Period section under terms of service to know more.

  • What are the privacy and security practices I need to adhere to get my app approved?

    Refer to the “2.11 Privacy and Security of App” and “4. CONFIDENTIALITY” section under terms of service to know more.

  • How do I contact Developer Partner Support?

    For any support please email: 

  • How do I contact Developer Support?

    For any support-related queries or questions, post on the Freshworks Developer Community. 

  • Who do I contact if I have any payment-related questions?

    For any payment-related questions, drop an email to: 

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